Geospatial Data

Comprehensive geospatial data for African countries:

  • Africa Investment potential
  • Population and household data
  • Demographic estimates
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Income and employment
  • Economic data by sector
  • Government service points​

Ireland and United Kingdom Data

  • GeoDirectory address data for Ireland

  • Population and household data

  • Current demographic estimates

  • Income and employment

  • Economic data by sector

  • Government service points

Specialist Geospatial Data Services

  • Sourcing geospatial data - sourcing and developing geospatial data for African countries, Ireland and United Kingdom

  • Accessibility modelling - optimizing the size and distribution of retail networks and government service points

  • Mapping survey data - use of small area estimation techniques to model and map household survey data to the lowest spatial level

  • Map production - producing maps of geospatial data and fieldwork maps for quantitative surveys

Retail & Service Location Optimization

Network Based Accessibility Modelling using a Diversity of Approaches to Identify Opportunities for Sustainable Expansion

Using accessibility modelling and INNOVATIVE approaches lets us determine if a service or retail network needs to be expanded, reduced or rationalized. With access to UNIQUE demand and supply data we are ideally situated to help companies to optimize their retail networks.

Motor Dealership Geospatial Services

  • Mapping existing dealer and competitor networks and each dealers’ Areas of Responsibility
  • Geospatial Data developing and accessing unique GeoSpatial data for the motor Industry
  • Trade Area Analysis using dealer customer data to define primary and secondary trade areas and average customer travel times
  • Dealer Network Optimization using defined target market, existing dealer networks, market share and preferred sites to expand, rationalize or relocate the dealer network